Several tools help you to take handwriting notes

Several tools help you to take handwriting notes

You can take handwritten notes, add photos and typed text in here.

1. Handwriting

Several pens are available, including rollerball pen, fountain pen, and highlighter. To give your notes a polished look, you have multiple selections of line widths and colors. Let your thoughts flow as you write through the most fluid and natural digital handwriting zone.

2. Erase

Our App gives you several options for the size of eraser, ranging from a thin for detail work to a very thick line, ideal for erasing large swathes of your notes.

3. Typed text

You can add content by typing text and formatting it. To supplement the formatting, you have many choices of styles, including size, color, bold, underline, italics and various paragraph styles. Long press to edit text.

4. Insert a picture

You can easily insert a picture that is stored on your device into your notes. Feel free to rotate or scale the picture you`ve inserted. Long press to edit picture.

5. Paper

Choose from plain, lined and dotted pages. Swipe left or right with two fingers to quickly switch between pages.